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Ketam Quarry, Pulau Ubin

Caring for the planet has never been easier!


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DIY Ideas for an Organised Desk
written on Thursday, January 1, 2015 @ 7:16 AM

Happy New Year to all! As we usher in 2015, we might be ready to come up with some resolutions. The best way to do so is to pen down your wishes for the new year... unless you're having trouble finding that pen or paper. 

So here are some easy upcycling ideas that require some paint and disposable plastic items.

1) A Berry nice organiser
Photo by Everything Etsy
 Why waste $2 at daiso when all you need is some gold paint and a strawberry box?

2) Pastel Glass/Plastic stationery holders
Photo by Everything Etsy
Once the sauce or jam is finished, simply clean and apply a coat of pastel paint!

More ideas at the original post by Everything Etsy here. Just remember, the cleaner the desk, the more conducive it will be for you to get things done! :)

Another useful green tip:
Reduce the mountain of paper by minimising the number of paper subscriptions, reports, notes and memos.

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